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Business Analyser Expert

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شرح فعاليت: ارائه گزارشات فروش و تهیه انواع گزارشات مرتبط بمنظور تجزیه و تحلیل و کسب و کار و کمک به پیش برد اهداف واحدها.
هدف گذاری ها، ایجاد شاخص های کلیدی عملکرد (KPI) و تهیه داشبرد مدیریتی برای دید کلان مدیران به حوزه های فعالیت خویش.
Gathering sales data from practical purchased Co. software like Qlikview and Vision analyze and compare them between plan and actual.
Present them to hierarchies to making decision, planning and taking actions. Then pursues the actions and decision which have been made to see what have been done by crews, personnel, PDAC cycle.
Cooperation with Business Support Department for monthly business review report.
Making financial tasks, such as calculating, preparing branches monthly commissions.
Partnership and participate in short TERM and long Term Projects like Organizational Excellence (EFQM,RADAR,…) , AEIP (The Adorateb Efficiency Increase Project)
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Dr. Vahid Mahallati

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كد پستي: 1467894115
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